Sunday, 6 December 2015

What's my number?

I started off by giving a random woman two dog chews that my dog wouldn't eat. She took them but looked totally unimpressed. I wandered off muttering to myself how ungrateful she was. 

I was then at work and approached the electronic car key holder. You need to put a PIN number in to access them, the number is exclusive to me and I know it very well. A woman was trying to get a car out and I tapped in my number and handed her a set of car keys. 

I then closed the cabinet and pushed in my number again to get myself a car out. I knew the number and could see the numbers on the keypad but every time I tried to enter my pin, I hit the wrong numbers. 

I continued to do this for ages, I went to hit the PIN numbers but my fingers kept hitting the wrong ones. In the end I just kicked the cabinet and walked away in a mood. 

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