Monday, 7 December 2015

Naked carousel

I was with my wife in a large hall, it was empty but began to fill with people all waiting for some kind of entertainment to begin. When the audience was full, the entertainers started to enter.

Firstly the musician's took their seats at pianos, drums and various other instruments. They were all completely naked. Suddenly a circular area of floor under us started to raise into the air lifting us up. 

It raised to about 20 feet in the air and looked like a giant carousel. Then I noticed a man under our feet through a glass floor, he was naked, I then noticed that both myself and my wife were also totally naked.

Then the music started and our carousel started to spin. As this happened hundreds of sweets started to fly through the air and we reached out and grabbed hand fulls of candy. A naked woman flew past us and opened her mouth, multi coloured liquorice strands came out of her mouth like candy spew.  

We climbed to the bottom of the carousel and started to build a farmyard from the sweets, making them into animals and barns. It was very elaborate.

I do wonder if I dream of being naked so often is as a result of sleeping naked? 

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