Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hair fiction

I was at work but the scene was my old school playground. I went into an office and found work colleagues, Alex and Dan who is a supervisor. Alex was telling Dan about someone who had died as a result of what he had done, he was very upset about this but Dan was just laughing at him. 

I started to push a large green box that was on wheels and left Dan still laughing at Alex in the office. I pushed the box across the playground towards another building. As I moved across the car park, Karen, one of the bosses drove her car into a brick wall. She got out and looked at the front of her car and laughed. Her normal red hair was black. 

I pushed the green box into the other building and saw Vince walking past me. He had his hair exactly the same as John Travolta did in the movie, Pulp Fiction. He looked over and smiled at me, as he did his long hair vanished back to his normal style. 

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