Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Freaky Ronald

I was at work in a room that I didn't recognise, there were two sets of tables that were pushed together to make a square. I was at one with a female that looked vaguely familiar and on the other set of tables was colleague Mary and a few others I didn't know. 

Myself and the female were waiting to be sent to a job, Mary asked what we were doing and I replied, "Absolutely nothing". As I sat looking at the table I was at, I saw some coins that had plastic circular stickers on them, they were see through. 

I took hold of a few and some other items that were on the table and combined them together and made a model of the Ronald McDonalds clown. It looked really freaky and when I showed the female with me, she got up and left. 

I asked Mary if she wanted the toy to take home for her daughter but she seemed totally unimpressed with it. It looked like a cross between Chucky and Ronald, it's eyes were very scary. 

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