Thursday, 3 December 2015

Clint Eastwood van man

Last night I was Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and I was driving a white Ford Transit van. It was night time and I was driving around a small village, there were a lot of people around so I assumed it wasn't too late. 

I carefully drove the van up a curb onto the village green and slowly came to a stop in the middle of it. When I was sure most people were looking at me, I slammed on the accelerator and pulled hard on the handbrake. 

The van spun in semi circles ripping up the perfectly manicured lawn. I laughed out of the window as I released the handbrake and shot off along the street, the village green in tatters. 

Next I was following my Aunt Joan as she drove a small car with my mum in the passenger seat. I was thinking this to be odd as I know my aunt doesn't drive. I tried to keep up with her in my car but lost sight of her. 

I turned into a small street and met Joan driving towards me. She stopped and pointed at a house and said, "We are going to Aunt Rene's house". I got out of my car and rang the doorbell of the house. My great aunt Rene opened the door, she looked amazingly well. 

She asked me where my wife was, having previously never met her. I informed her that she was working and great aunt Rene tutted and walked past me and hugged my mum and aunt Joan. 

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