Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Working lunch

Sat at work in a huge briefing room along with most of the people on shift, with Liam as the supervisor, although he isn't anymore. We were waiting to go out of the office but couldn't because their were no vehicles for us. 

Nicky said that she was going to be very tired because she was working a day shift and then a night shift covering for her partner in Sussex. I questioned this saying she wasn't allowed to do that. She told me she didn't care. 

As we didn't have any cars I suggested that we all go out for lunch. This was a very welcome idea until Liam questioned on how we were going to get there! 

Lastly I was in a school playground that was surrounded by a high wired fence. I could sense people around me but couldn't see them. I started ranting about how people getting old try and look young. I gave singer song writer, Paul Weller as an example. 

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