Monday, 16 November 2015

Volvos & rabbits

I was inside an old volvo estate car, it appeared to be my car. I was totally horrified to find it in a complete mess. There was dirt piled thick and rubbish everywhere.

I began by gathering up everything from the seats, there were lots of tools and screws and nails. I decided to put those in my pocket. I put a pile of items for throwing away and one for keeping,  a third pile was things I wasn't sure about.

I was next out on a countryside track with my air rife. I was with two teenagers I didn't recognise. I was looking for rabbits to shoot.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a rabbit hoping and I turned my gun at it. Despite being in the middle of the countryside, the rabbit, along with many others were in an office.

There was just three walls with the open end of the room where I stood. I took aim and shot a rabbit dead. I took aim again and just as I shot another rabbit, it turned into a sheep.
Then all the other rabbits changed into sheep too. This freaked me out and I ran away with the teenagers following me.

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