Friday, 6 November 2015

USB golf, death & prison

I was at work in a team briefing which was being run by a supervisor called Derran, there were about six of us at the briefing. As I half listened to Derran, I saw that he had put his e cigarette down on the table, I picked it up and saw that it was a golf ball with a usb connector on the end. 

I picked it up and started to smoke it and then noticed Derran looking at me, he wasn't happy. I put it down and glanced over at the exit door. The top half of the door was glass and on the other side of it were two figures starring in. They were hooded and looked like a typical death character. 

Next I was ringing the doorbell to a prison, I was an inmate but had been on day release. A very old lady opened the door and escorted me into the prison. She asked where I had been, I pointed out of the window at my mums house next to the prison. 

I was sat down at a table in a very long room with rows of tables opposite me. All the tables had people sat at them, the ones opposite me had babies at them being fed by staff. The same old lady that had let me in then started to work her way along my row spoon feeding as if we were babies. 

When she reached me she told me I was being released at 11am, I looked at my watch, it was 10.46. I asked why I was allowed out in that case, but before I could finish speaking, she rammed a spoon in my mouth. I started crying like a baby. 

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