Saturday, 7 November 2015

Tesco and bulbs

I was laying in bed waiting for my Tesco grocey delivery to arrive, only difference was I was laying on the kitchen table of friends Cate and Steve. I wasn't able to move and when the delivery man arrived, he just walked in and started unloading the shopping and placing it around me. 

He placed all the items on the table so that they joined together and formed a line drawn around me, an outline of me in jars, toilet rolls and vegetables. 

I was next in the garden of another friend called Jayne, I could see her at the far end of the garden, on her knees digging with a trowel. I had one of those wooden baskets for collecting vegetables in, but it was full of flower bulbs. 

I started to dig holes to plant the bulbs but everywhere I dug, I unearthed other bulbs. I started to get frustrated as I couldn't find an inch of earth that didn't already have a bulb in it. I glanced other and saw that Jayne wasn't looking and poured all the bulbs into one flower pot. 

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