Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tampon bike ride

Something I'd never do during my waking hours is take part in a bike race. This was what I was doing in my dream however and it was sponsored by sanitary manufacturers Tampax. I had a T shirt with Tampon written across the chest. I seemed oblivious to this and began cycling. 

After a short distance I was overtaken by most of the other competitors including work colleague, Rudders. As he drew level with me, he noticed my T shirt and started laughing out loud. I had the last laugh because his uncontrollable giggles caused him to fall off his bike. 

The last part of my dreaming was interrupted by my alarm this morning but prior to waking I was with my wife on a train. I'd fallen off and was sat at the side of the track watching the train, along with my wife vanish into the distance. 

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