Sunday, 15 November 2015

Jungle bubbles & rap talk

I was in a jungle last night wandering around trying not to be detected by any animals. I crept about as I was convinced that I would get eaten by something. I saw a clearing and headed into it and found myself out on a large open plain. 

I tucked behind a small bush that I found as I heard the sound of something approaching me. I peered out and saw a large soup bubble floating at me, I ducked just in time to avoid it hitting my head. Just as I put my head up again, another then another bubble flew at me. 

I avoided them all but I was getting tired, just as I missed the last one I looked ahead of me and saw the that a sound wave was heading my way. I knew it was a sound wave because the space before my eyes rippled and wobbled and emitted a sound that appeared to be in slow motion. 
I spent what felt like hours avoiding being hit by these. 

Next I was staying in a hotel room with a person I didn't know. I couldn't see them next to me as I couldn't turn my head to look at them, I just knew they were there, I didn't know if they were male or female. I was trying to impress them and told them that I'd seen rap legend, Eminem in the hotel lobby. 

They didn't seem impressed as I didn't have any evidence to back up my claim. I opened the door to the room to leave and to both our surprise, Eminem walked in. I started to talk to him but instead of him talking back, he rapped what he was saying. 
I could sence that the mystery person was now impressed and I smiled as Eminem rapped about how he liked the the room. 

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