Wednesday, 25 November 2015

House of the rising Gazza

I was in my mums living room watching TV along with my younger sister and friend and work colleague Mildred. The room was exactly like it was when I was a teenager, complete with the rented television in a mock wooden cabinet with a sliding door to cover the screen. 

On the TV was a football World Cup tournament and they were playing various songs in order to find an official England team song. I then heard the unmistakable first few cords to the Animals classic, House of the rising sun. 

I smiled and said, "Yes!"  I changed my mind immediately when ex England international Paul Gascoigne started singing the words to it. It was ruined. I started shouting at the TV. Mildred began laughing. 

I then told Mildred and my sister that I was able to fly, before they could speak, I lifted myself off the ground and floated up to the ceiling. They were both very impressed as I flipped backwards and spun in the air, drifting around the living room to the background of Gazza ruining a classic song. 

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