Monday, 2 November 2015

Foam sabotage

Along with a group of other people I was driving into a scrap metal yard. There were three large round mental open topped containers, they were about ten feet high. We all got out of our cars and looked around for any signs of life, we couldn't see anyone. 

We then threw a bomb into each of the containers which splashed when they landed, they appeared to be full of water. The bombs exploded and turned the water into foam which spilled over the top. We all laughed. 

We then set about clearing all of the scrap metal we could find, loading it into our cars and vans. When the entire site was emptied we left laughing as we drove away. 

Lastly I went to check on my guenia pigs in their hutch. When I opened the door, our horses were laying down asleep inside. They lifted their heads and looked at me with a sleepy expression. I stroked their heads and left them to rest. 

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