Sunday, 8 November 2015

Beside the sea

Along with my wife I was in a seaside town walking along a parade of shops. Everyone of the shops was a food takeaway, they were all fully staffed and immaculately clean. They all were devoid of an customers in fact there only seemed to be us in the street.

We ducked into a little alleyway and found a shop that sold lace, there was lots of it hanging up outside the shop. My wife grabbed a piece and wrapped it around her waste like a skirt.

An old lady who was watching mentioned the lace was hanging in a puddle. We went inside to buy the lace feeling guilty we had ruined it. When inside we found an empty room.

The door opened and the lady from outside entered holding a shotgun. She ushered us through a other door by pointing the gun at us.

On the other side of the door we found ourselves in a cell, hanging all around the walls were lengths of dirty lace.

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