Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bed wetter

I was needing the toilet in my sleep again and so this manifested itself into my dream once more. I was on what looked light a seaside promenade and desperate for a wee I dived into the nearest door I came too. 

When I entered and closed the door I was inside one of those little wooden beach huts. It was tiny but packed full on  furniture and bedding. I could see through a crack in the door to the outside and a woman with a small child was standing waiting to get into the hut. 

I began to pee over the floor but noticed it seeping towards the door, frantic that it would run under the door and outside and be seen by the woman, I directed it onto a sofa. This started to run off after a while and again flowed towards the door. 

I kept re directing my aim where I was peeing every time this happened, I was weeing for a very long time and a glance through the crack of the door, confirmed the woman and child were still there. After an age I suddenly woke up in desperate need of the toilet. 

I was so concerned that I'd actually wet the bed that I checked for any dampness. Fortunately all was good. I really hope my bladder holds out as I get into my later years! 

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