Saturday, 10 October 2015

White tiger

It was dark and I could see a large car, sat in the drivers seat was a man pretending to be Harrison Ford. He looked a little like the famous actor but was clearly not him. Behind him in the rear seats of the car was a giant white tiger, it's head filled the back seat. 

The rest of the tiger was in the boot with his tail hanging out behind the car. Harrison Ford look a like hit the accelerator and the car took off into the air. It was flying like a jet fighter plane, the tail of the tiger was waving behind the car. 

Then flashing white lights started to appear around the car and it zoomed through time and space. Harrison gave out a whoop as he hit the sound barrier and went back in time. He landed the car still in darkness and got out. 

When he lifted the boot to release the giant tiger it was gone. Just its tail remained hanging from the boot of the car. Harrison started to cry. 

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