Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Jam

I had been given a new job and was on my first day. I was sat at the head of a large table with around ten others, all of which were looking at me for direction. I pushed a button on a remote control and put the TV on. A woman sat nearest to me complained. I shot her down and told her to shut up, she got up and ran out crying. 

Next I was driving around in my car and my friend and colleague Lee Ann was sat in the passenger seat. Lee Ann was in her pyjamas. We pulled up at a small shop and both walked inside, I found a vinyl record of The Jam. I was very excited and then saw a cassette of the same album. 

I asked Lee Ann if our my car played vinyl or cassette, she popped out to check and while she was outside I stole the cassette version of the album. I left the shop only to discover Lee Ann had driven off in my car! 


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