Saturday, 31 October 2015

The end.

Last night I dreamt I had a shotgun and had walked into a room and I randomly started shooting people dead. After I had cleared the room of anyone living, I heard the police outside, shouted I was surrounded and there was no escape. 

I excepted this by putting down my gun and I started to walk out. As I did, two police officers in plan clothes approached me. I put both my arms into the air to indicate I was surrendering. They both ran up to me, grabbed an arm each and proceeded to usher me out of the building. 

They covered me with their own bodies and continued to push me away, going past all of the armed officers that had their guns aimed at the building I'd exited from. The two men kept ushering me away and when we were clear of the police, they stopped and I noticed they were two of my mates and they had rescued me. 

To celebrate my escape from the law we all three climbed into a rollercoaster ride, I was in the middle, flanked either side by my mates. The car we were in slowly raised up and we reached the highest point. Just before we plummeted, I closed my eyes, it felt as if I was floating as we dropped. 

I then felt a heavy thud hit my chest and my mate to my right said, "A sniper has hit him". I then knew I was dead and couldn't open my eyes. I gently and silently floated in total darkness somewhat at peace with the World. 

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