Friday, 30 October 2015

Michael Palin & the invisible bus

Along with my wife, we were on a London double decker bus, I was the driver and my wife sat just behind me. It was slightly different from most buses, in that it was invisible, so basically all that could be seen was the two of us floating through the air and me pretending to steer. 

We decided we wanted to eat and so I parked the bus near some trees next to a picnic area. It was dark and we climbed down and headed over to a picnic bench. There was a man and a small Asian boy sat at the bench and we sat next to them. 

The man was former Monty Python legend, Michael Palin and the boy was having a party while his mum was out. I looked up and saw that we were now in a house. The boys home arrived home and was very angry that we were all in her house. 

I gave my wife a nod and we both climbed onto the invisible bus and drove away. As we pulled off along the street I noticed Michael Palin was on the lower deck. 

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