Saturday, 3 October 2015

Land Rover & cobwebs

An uncomfortable nights sleep for me due to illness but my brain was still dreaming. 
I was watching a man in an old army Land Rover who was driving off road to show off its capabilities. The four wheel drive vehicle was green but as it assented a large hill, it changed colour and then appearance. 

It turned the colour of desert sand and then changed into an American Style truck. As it did this, both its front tyres exploded, sending rubber everywhere. As it reache the top oft the he hill, it's rear tyres exploded too and it came to a stop. 

From looking at this I was then in my man cave in the garden. Water was running inside from the roof and flooding the floor. I just looked on in horror at all and f the contents becoming ruined, thinking there was nothing I could do. 

Lastly I was inside my house and looking up at the ceiling. I don't think that I moved in all three parts of my dream and I remained still whilst the settings changed around me. I could see that the ceiling was covered in cobwebs. 

It was excessive amounts, like you see in horror movies and it looked as if I handed cleaned the house in years. I was upset at seeing this as I didn't seem to be able to move and therefore couldn't do anything about it. 


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