Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hand bike

I was on a push bike riding along a brightly lit sunny street, there were many parked cars but no moving traffic. I was peddling very slowly and appeared in no particular rush to get anywhere. 
As I took in my surroundings, a small boy rode up alongside me on his bike. 

The boy was around ten years of age and his bike had red wheels with the Manchester United football team logo in the centre of the wheel. I immediately increased my pace to get ahead of the boy. As I tried to peddle faster, my legs felt like lead as if trying to run through thick mud. 

The boy easily caught up with me and was mocking me. The harder I tried to peddle, the more difficult it was to move my legs. I then decided to spin my handlebars as if they were peddles and began rotating them as fast as I could. 

This propelled me faster and ahead of the boy but I soon came to a halt as the resistance became so tight that I couldn't move the handlebars any more. I looked down at my hands and with each turn that I had made, green tape had wrapped around the handlebars causing them to get tied up. 

The tape I noticed was that used for temporary fencing in fields to keep horses contained and have an electric charge going through them. As I stared at the woven mess on my bike, the boy cycled past me laughing. 

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