Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ginger clowns, top hats & naked McDonalds

To begin with as I shut my eyes I saw a group of white faced clowns with bright ginger hair. They had a very sinister look on their faces and made me shout out, "Ginger clowns!"  I then heard a voice whisper, "I can see them too!"  Thanks to my wife for that self entertainment. 

When I went back to sleep I was sat in a studio audience watching a show. In the seat in front of me was a giant top hat. It was sat as if it was a person and was bent in the middle to fit in the seat. It started to laugh and was really enjoying the show. 

Apparently I was shouting out " 9 O'Clock" but I have no memory of this. 

Lastly and most worryingly, I walked into a McDonalds and all of the staff were naked. I was about to order when I saw that one of them was Darren from work. I could only see his nude top half as he was behind the counter, but I didn't stick around any longer. No offence Darren. 

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