Saturday, 24 October 2015


I was dreaming that I was at work but starring in a documentary about my work with a film crew following me around. I was unhappy as I felt a little unwell and wasn't in the mood for work. 

As I was coming to the end of my shift I was told that someone had given me cocaine without my knowledge. Really angry at this news I started to feel really dizzy and squatted down to hang onto a low brick wall. As I grabbed the top of the wall to steady myself, it collapsed and I was covered in bricks. 

As I lay there spaced out and in pain from the wall on top of me, my dog Humbug clambered over the rubble and started licking my face. I then felt the bricks suddenly fly off of me all at once leaving me feeling cold. Humbug was still on top of me. 

This was the point that I woke up to find Humbug still on top of me and my wife had pulled the quilt off the bed to inform me that Humbug needed the toilet!  

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