Tuesday, 6 October 2015

De Niro rollercoaster

Not sure why but there was no sound in my dream, it was visual but seemed to have been muted. I was on a rollercoaster in the front carriage. With me were acting legends, Robert De Niro and Jim Carey. 

We were all standing up and waving our hands in the air as the rollercoaster dipped and looped, some how we managed not to fall out. I could see Jim mouthing something to me but as I said the dream was in total silence. Then suddenly, Jim completely vanished into thin air. 

I looked over at De Niro who was smirking at me, looking fairly menacing too. I took exception at this and grabbed him from behind, placing both my arms around his waist. I picked him up and dumped him over the edge of the carriage. 

He silently dropped out of sight to an almost certain death. I sat down and continued the ride, smiling to myself. 

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