Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dagenham Bob

I was walking towards my mums house in Dagenham, Essex. I was in the same spot I always am when dreaming of walking to her house, which is a long straight road just around the corner. If I'm not dreaming of being in the house, I am around the corner on the way there. 

As I approached the junction with mums road, I was walking on the right hand side of the pavement, I heard someone shouting on the left side across the road. I instantly recognised the accent of Bob from work due to his distinctive West Country twang. He is very loud. 

A female next to me said, "That's Dagenham Bob". I looked at her confused as he clearly isn't from Essex. As the female continued to explain that he was a local, Bob was standing at someone's front door shouting his head off. He really is loud. 

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