Thursday, 22 October 2015

Boobs, cars & alarms

The initial part of my dream involved two females with bare breasts, it was very pleasurable but I'm not going to elaborate further. 

I was driving my car on a village road, it looked like a mixture between where I live and a neighbouring village, it had aspects from both. I turned into a small industrial unit, it was dark and I was surprised to see the door open to one of the units. 

I walked in and found a friends Dad, Mick standing at a workbench chatting to another guy. Mick had on a pair of blue overalls. He looked up when he saw me and asked what I was doing there. I told him I'd come to clean the place up. 

Mick then started to ask me about the brakes on my car and mentioned brand names and other words I'd never heard of. I just shrugged my shoulders and began cleaning up. 

I was then walking my dog, Humbug on his lead. We entered a cafe and there was a long counter that had lots of hot cooked food. I approached the counter and a very loud siren went off and everyone in the cafe looked around to see where it was coming from. 

I was pulled abruptly from my dream by my wife's alarm going off to get her up for work. 

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