Monday, 21 September 2015

Trees & wee's

Sat in the living room of my mums house with my mum, we were both in an armchair looking towards the window. 

I could see the light coming into the room from the window but the area we were sat in, was very dark. Mum said that she wished it was brighter in the room. 

I looked up at the ceiling and it was covered with overhanging trees. I reached up and my arms extended to about 10 feet long. I grabbed some branches and pulled them off. 

The light then flooded into the room but I did notice that there wasn't a roof in the house and was open to the elements. 

I was next in a small room that looked like a hospital room, there was no bed, there was a small table in its place. There was a door off into a bathroom. 

Among various people that I didn't know, was Amy, a friends daughter. She was wearing a brightly coloured flowery dress. I was aware that I needed the toilet and I was desperate. 

I told Amy that her dress looked nice and she said that my suit looked nice too. I opened the toilet door and walked in, I saw myself in the mirror and I was wearing a purple and lime green suit. 

Still desperate for the toilet I lifted the seat and it was covered in wee. I was really annoyed as I then had to wipe it off before I could use it. 

I woke up in desperate need for the toilet. 

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