Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The wedding

So much happening last night, starting off with me going downstairs, opening the fridge and pouring all the cartons of milk down the sink. I then ran at full speed back upstairs shouting, "Arrrrrr milk!!!!!" This woke my wife up as I was shouting this in my sleep! 

Next I was at my friend's, Cate and Steves wedding, which I will be attending next year. Hopefully it won't be anything like my dream. It started off well with Cate arriving on a pony into the church, when I noticed that she was actually marring the late actor, Dermot Morgan, I thought otherwise. 

Dermot was playing Father Ted, we was in a long flowerey dress and was arguing with the female priest that was attempting to perform the ceremony. He was shouting at her that she was getting the words wrong. 

In the corner of the church was a round table that had a group of Cowboys around it. They were all in black and white like an old film. They stood up angry that Father Ted was ruining the wedding. They picked up beer bottles and smashed then over the table to use as weapons. 

Given the impending violence, Cate, myself and my wife exited the church into a very small yard. We all sat on a wooden pallet glad to be away from the carnage in the church. At this point, Steve arrived and asked if he had missed anything. 

As Cate attempted to explain what had happened I felt some chewing gum in my mouth. I pulled it out using both hands, it filled my entire mouth and expanded as I did this. Every time I pulled out lumps do gum, it filled my mouth again. 

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