Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The heavyweight champ

Last night started off with me looking a two rival forgien politicians debating on a TV show. I was convinced that the man was the better candidate and the woman was rubbish. I had come to this conclusion without even understanding what they were saying. 

As the debate finished the man walked out of the TV and sat next to me, he then spoke in English, "Thanks for picking me, I'm now going to introduce a dictatorship and kill that bitch and all of her followers". I had the distinct feeling, I'd made a huge mistake. 

I was next sleeping rough in a derelict house, sat on the stairs, halfway up. It was cold and the house looked as if it had been destroyed by fire. It wasn't until another homeless person passed me going up to the first bedroom, that I realised it was my mums house. 

I ran up after the person and head them off just as they were going into what was my bedroom during my childhood. I stood in the doorway and just said, "You are not going in there, it's mine!"  

I was next at work and was totally annoyed that everyone was sat in front of the TV watching soap operas. Everyone was transfixed and it infuriated me. 

Lastly I was at a boxing match and sat ringside waiting for the main event. The first boxer came out and started jumping around the ring. To my amazement it was Mike a supervisor from work. He looked incredible, like Silvester Stalone in his Rocky days. 

His apponant entered the ring and in stark contrast he was about 60 years old, 5 feet tall and fat. He was also wearing a suit and glasses. I shouted out that I could beat him and thought it was a total fix. 

The bell rang to start the round and Mike danced around the little man, he gave him a right hook, his glasses flew off and he was out cold. He not surprisingly didn't make the count. The referee raised Mike's arm and pronounced him heavyweight champion of the World.  

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