Thursday, 24 September 2015

The cult

I was singing in my dream, hopefully not in my sleep, I wasn't told otherwise. There was a group of us in a wooded area, all singing around a camp fire. 
It was all very pleasant but I just had a very uneasy feeling about it all. 

There was a man with long hair and a beard, always worrying to see that, he seemed to be in charge of gathering more people up to sing. He approached my wife and another woman that I didn't recognise. As he was talking to them, it clicked with me. 

The man was using the singing to entice people into a cult and once duped in, they would become brainwashed and would most likely be part of a mass suicide pact. I started to attempt to attract my wife's attention without the bearded man noticing. 

I was nodding my head and rolling my eyes in a vain attempt to explain to her that the man she was talking to was going to brainwash her. All very difficult to convey with just head movements. My wife just kept looking at me and smiling thinking I was just goofing around. 

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