Friday, 4 September 2015


Standing on the top of a cliff, I was with my older sister. We both had parachutes on and we're going to jump, my sister was absolutely petrified. I helped her to the edge and gave her encouragement, saying everything was fine and it was great fun. 

Eventually I watched her jump off and I followed behind her, both our parachutes opened and we safely landed below. Then before we could gather ourselves together, we were both on top of the cliff again. 
I saw a man run at speed towards the edge of the cliff and leap off. 

I asked my sister if she wanted to go next or if I should. She told me to go and I started running. I raised up my arms, jumped off and waited for my chute to open. I was plummeting fast and nothing was happening, the ground was rushing towards me. 

I shouted out, "Don't die, don't die, don't die". I then thought to myself, if this is real I'm dead, if it's a dream I can escape. I opened my eyes the second before impact and found myself in bed. My heart was racing but I was alive. 

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