Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mr Jennifer Aniston

I was talking to a guy who was explaining to me that the actress Jennifer Aniston used to be a man. I just wasn't buying this and despite his best efforts, he wasn't convincing me. He continued to tell me that she was male up until she was 25, when she had an operation and changed to a female. 

As he told me this, Jennifer actually appeared in front of us. I looked at her up and down, my mouth fell open and I looked like a right pervert as I starred at her. Jennifer then smiled and waved at us and in a very deep male voice, said, "Alright mate". 

Next I was in a car repair garage and a bright red car was raised up in the air so that the mechanic could work on it. I walked under the car and noticed that in the centre of it was a gaint spring. I touched the exhaust pipe and it released the spring. 

The car shot up into the air and bounced around the garage like a massive jack in the box. 

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