Saturday, 12 September 2015

John Thaw's last case

After being located in an area of the UK with no mobile signal for a week, I am now back in a more populated area. 

In my dream I had been witness to a gang of men, who had randomly executed about 30 people with guns for no reason other than they enjoyed it. 

I felt as if I needed to do something to stop their murderous spree and ran ahead of the gang and located the late actor, John Thaw in the street. I informed John of what was going on and he handed me a can of pepper spray. 

He said to me, "This is my last case, do what you can". With this I ran at the gun wealding gang and began spraying them in the face. They dropped like flies and I was about to celebrate when a really fat black man ran at me. 

I rammed the pepper spray tin into his mouth and pulled the trigger.  His face inflated like an over fed hamster and he dropped to the floor. 

I then saw John looking on, he said, "If you have killed him, you'll be in big trouble". This I thought as odd given that the gang had shot so many people. 

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