Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Jelly snakes

I was walking through some lovely countryside, there was large sweeping hills and green fields, it was very pleasant. I reached the top of a hill with fantastic views but was upset to see a dirty old caravan blocking my route. 

There was no way around the caravan other than opening the door and walking through it. I entered the van and found it equally dirty inside too. A family were sat watching tv in various states of undress, all were very fat and had food covered underwear on. 

I walked out of the other side of the caravan and continued my walk in the glorious countryside. I started to go up a very steep hill and something landed at my feet, on inspection I saw it was a jelly snake.  As I looked at it a few more landed around me, when I looked around me I saw Dave from work walking past me. 

Dave had a bag of jelly snakes and was throwing them at me, he smiled and went out of my view. I continued up the steep hill and saw that it was my nan's old garden were I spent most of my childhood. I found a clearing and saw a beautiful waterfall in the distance. 

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