Saturday, 5 September 2015

Columbo & the polystyrene arson

My dream had two distinctive halfs to it last night, the first involving 1970's sleuth Columbo, who I have dreamt of previously. Columbo was investigating an arson that had taken place. 

He was looking into the deliberate ignition of a large rock which was found black and smouldering in a street. I was looking on and was wondering how a rock had actually caught fire. 

Columbo being the brilliant detective that he was, solved the crime by discovering the rock was made of polystyrene and that a well known local criminal had committed the crime. 

The second part to my dream involved me being naked, which also happens often and being in public. I was dancing along the street holding the cat mat that sits outside of the litter tray. 

I was holding the mat over my private parts whilst dad dancing along. I then saw work colleague, Jess standing on the pavement. As I danced past her she tried to glimpse over the cat mat at what I was covering up. 

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