Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cars, trains & bubbles

I was driving a car, I had a passenger but couldn't turn my head to look at them, I just knew they were there. I was trying to escape from someone, again I couldn't see them but sensed I just had to get away. 

I stopped outside of a railway station and abandoned the car in a no parking zone. I ran into the station entrance and found myself in the kitchen to a cafe. I decided, hiding here would be the last place I would be found. I started to wash up dishes at a sink. 

As I turned the tap on, the water started to bubble up, it was crazy and started to overflow and fill the kitchen with soap suds. The entire room became a huge bubble bath. I ran out as this was drawing unwanted attention to me. 

I went onto the station platform and two trains pulled in either side of me simultaneously. As they drew to a halt and the doors opened, soap suds spiller out filling the platform. The station was a mass of bubbles. 

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