Monday, 14 September 2015

Burgers & drainage

I was in a school assembly, there were hundreds of kids packed into the hall and all were in total silence. I looked around at the other kids and saw that I was an adult, no one seemed to notice. 

I boy in a white shirt put his hand up and asked if he could recite a reading. A teacher nodded their approval. The boy stood up but was still lower than everyone else. 

He stood on a chair but was still below everyone and couldn't be heard. I decided to walk out as I was totally uninterested. 

I left the hall and entered directly into a cafe, a real old style greecy spoon. I approached the man behind the counter and saw friend and work colleague, Serbian sat at a table. 

She looked up and saw me and shouted, "Get him a massive burger". I noticed she was eating one too, she's a vegetarian!

Lastly I was on a building site, it was wet and muddy, there was a high wire fence all the way around the site. 

There was a long trench dug along the line of the fence and drainage pipes were being laid into it. I saw a head pop up from the trench, it was work colleague Ann. She had a bright red hard hat on. 

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