Monday, 17 August 2015

The promotion ladder

I was very aware that I needed to pee, as it kept interrupting my dreaming. I was late for work and was running around the house in a panic but knew I needed the toilet before I could leave the house. 

I woke up, acknowledged I needed to go and fell back to sleep again. 
I was then trying to play football but using a strand of cottoned the ball, this was virtually impossible and I kept tripping over. 

Lastly, I was actually at work and one of my supervisors called Mike approached me. He told me he was waiting to be promoted and that if the boss came in, he will be promoted to inspector. 

He left and told me to keep my eyes open for the boss and said if I missed him he wouldn't get promoted. I then once again wanted the toilet. 

As I ran out of work for the toilet I passed the boss on his way in. I thought as I left that that was Mike's promotion hopes ended. 

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