Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Pooh pick flick

Making up for the previous nights absence of dreams, last night felt longer than the Lord of the rings trilogy. I have actually woke up with a headache this morning. 

Starting off I was in a field with my horses, not their usual paddock and it had a brick wall surrounding it. I was walking around pooh picking, which is as it sounds, me removing the field of horse pooh. I only had a long handled scoop and no barrow. 

Every time I collected up some horse pooh, I expertly flicked it from the centre of the field and over the wall. I did this for ages never missing. 

I was next near to a weir with small children standing on the rapidly flowing water as if they were standing on a solid floor. They laughed and played happily, never losing balance or getting wet. 

I was next in my mums kitchen, but how it used to be years ago, with a pantry and narrow galley style. Packed into the room with me were my wife and friends Lou and Sally. I was trying to make a sandwich whilst Lou and Sally were preparing for a dinner party. 

At the end of the kitchen was a huge dining table, I looked at it and wondered how it fitted into mums kitchen and then realised the wall had been taken down and the bathroom removed to accommodate the table. 

I tried to sit at the table but Lou shouted at me to get out because her guests were arriving soon. I stepped out into the garden and noticed what I can only describe as a poorly home made conservatory. It didn't have a roof and the wooden frame was coming away from the wall. 

Sally popped out from the kitchen and placed a grey parrot onto my shoulder, she then jumped up and gripped the conservatory roof bar and began swinging on it like she was an Olympic gymnastics star. 
The frame instantly collapsed and the conservatory was destroyed. 

From this I was sat in a very narrow room at the back of a sweet shop. The shop owner was attempting to copy some CCTV for us, he wasn't succeeding. While we waited, we helped ourselves to his sweets. 

I looked around and where there had previously been a wall directly behind me, there was now a theatre. Rows of seats panned out before me, leading to a stage, the lights came on and the audience applauded. 

When I focused on the stage, I saw that it was my mums kitchen with Lou and Sally sat at the dining table entertaining guests for dinner. 

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