Monday, 31 August 2015

Interactive movie

I was with my good friend Matt and we were watching a movie, it wasn't that interesting and involved a moody looking guy who was trying to talk to his teenage daughter. Matt was happy enough, it was a film after all and that makes him happy. 

I noticed the guy in the film was trying to rescue another teenage girl from something, I wasn't that bothered, I wasn't until I found that I was actually in the movie and the guy got me to carry the girl while his daughter held his hand. We all got into a car. 

The car was a low sports car and I was in the back with the other three in the front, there were two passenger seats in the front. As I looked into the front of the car, I could see the closing titles to the film rolling down the windscreen. 

I turned around and looked out of the back window, in the distance I could see Matt looking very puzzled. I shrugged my shoulders at him and he shouted, "There's a second film out next year". This seemed to make sense. 

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