Monday, 24 August 2015

Electric teenagers

Along with my wife I was in a street square with a massive open space in the centre. Sat in the middle of this was Cameron my step Grandson, he pushed down a huge handle. 

When he did this it caused an electrical spark that shot along the floor like a bolt of lightning and hit the buildings at the far end of the square. 

The sparks shot up the walls and back down to the floor. They multiplied and hundreds of blue sparks headed out along the ground, hitting people standing in the street. 

As they were hit by the electrical sparks, they all turned into children. We watched the sparks heading at us but were unable to move fast enough. We were hit and changed into teenagers. 

As we walked into the street, my wife was excited as she saw her old school friends. I was upset because I had grown up somewhere else and knew no one. I saw Cameron who was now a little boy again. 

I said hello to him but he didn't know me, I told him he will meet me later in life. As I watched everyone meeting old friends and hugging the sudden realisation that I was about 14 again hit me. 

I thought that my dad would be alive and I'd get to see him again. I burst into tears, happy tears of joy. My wife asked me what was wrong. I told her and we hugged. 

I woke up at this point and I was actually crying. Then I realised that I wouldn't be seeing my dad. 
I miss him. 

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