Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cruising drunk

I have dreampt about being on a cruise ship on a few occasions, travelling seems to be a common theme. Along with my wife, I was on board ship in our cabin and Mick, a friends dad was sat on a wooden chair. 

He seemed fine and was chatting away to us, until be suddenly switched from being a sober pleasant man, to being drunken and abusive. He was swearing and making threats to punch us. 
I calmly slid open the patio door to the balcony and pushed Mick outside, shutting and locking the door firmly.  

I was then standing on a bridge that overlooked a river below me. Two teenage kids walked past me and were saying that they were going to kill a man called Rick. When they had moved away from me, I looked over the edge of the bridge, far below was a man with a dog. 

I called out, "Hey Rick, watch out, they are coming for you". The man below looked up at ,me and waved an acknowledgment at me. He jumped onto a boat, followed by his dog and sailed off, away from any potential harm. 

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