Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Driving in my car, I was happy and content. I wasn't paying any particular attention to the road, I kept falling a sleeping and waking with a jolt to find myself still driving straight and do wasn't concerned. 

I shut my eyes once again and when I opened them, I was looking behind me. As I turned to face the direction I was driving, my car hit the central reservation at the same time. The bang sent me into total darkness. 

I seemed to know I was in a dream and therefore just decided I'd wake up and leave the silent darkness I now found myself in. I tried and tried to pull myself out of it but remained in the dark, I then found that my body wasn't responding to commands and I was paralysed. 

For what seemed hours I lay there unable to move. Eventually waking up as normal in the morning, only being released from the dark by waking. 

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