Monday, 10 August 2015

Coach trip

I was driving a coach, a big one, I'm estimating it was a 52 seater. As I drove along I suddenly felt a crushing sensation on my head, just as I tried to figure it out, the windscreen and roof of the coach started to bend towards me. 

The roof crushed and held me so that I couldn't move and I stopped driving and looked out of the side window. A fat young police officer was standing looking up at me, he had a red face and looked very nervous. 
He tried to start talking but got so flustered, he ran off in embarrassment. 

Lastly I was in house that my mum had converted from an office building into a house. She led me to a bedroom and told me there was a problem with the ceiling. Walking along the corridor, we past a toilet just sitting in the middle of the room. 

In the bedroom the ceiling was bowing down as if full of water. I pushed the lump and a pink beach ball  dropped out and the ceiling returned to its normal shape. 

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