Friday, 7 August 2015

Bourbon monster

I was standing in an upstairs room, it looked like a house but could have been an office. As I stood looking around, something hit me on the head. Whatever it was landed at my feet, I looked down and saw a broken Bourbon biscuit. 

While I was still pondering this another one hit me, then another. I looked up at the direction they were coming from and saw a giant Bourbon biscuit with a face. 

It was at least 10 feet high, had arms and legs, it was laughing as it threw normal boubourn biscuits at me. It started to run towards me, still bombarding me with biscuits.

I ran away down some stairs, as I ran, biscuits still kept hitting me. I glanced back and the giant biscuit was still following me throwing mini versions of itself. 

I kept running with bourbons boncing off my head, I woke and wrote 'bourbons' on my phone. I went back to sleep but didn't dream any more. 

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