Thursday, 13 August 2015

Black dog

I was watching a plumber install a new toilet into my house, he had almost completed and was doing some final checks. For some reason he had replaced all the pipe work but left the old pipes in place. Both sets of piping were on show and looked hideous. 

I was about to say something to him when I found I was suddendly looking at a family photo album in front of me. The pictures were of members of my immediate family and each photo had a black dog sat next to them. We never had a dog as I grew up and the black dog in the photos was staring at the camera in each picture. 

As I flicked the pages, a shadow of a crane fell over the album and the started to lift up the photos. I couldn't make out how this happening and kept looking into the album. The black dog had disappeared from all the photos. 

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