Monday, 27 July 2015

You ugly!

I was in some kind of holiday complex, it was all under cover and so not affected by the weather. I seemed to be wandering around on my own. A small boy kicked a football at me and I returned it with a tap of my toe. 

I had a little exchange with him of kicking it around for a while and then I got bored and walked away. The boy upset by this started to cry, this didn't affect me in the slightest and I left the boy in floods of tears. 

I then noticed an extreamly ugly looking man who was walking towards me, my first thought was, boy this guy is ugly which he seemed to pick up on and made a move towards me. I started wondering if I'd said that out loud. 

The guy swooped past me smiling a toothless grin, I thought he'd gone but when I looked behind me, he was still hovering around me, grinning at me. He was starting to annoy me, I kept walking and he just seemed to be all around me, everywhere I looked. 
I woke up before anything else happened. 

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