Thursday, 23 July 2015

Toffifee and wreaths

I was in a big field that contained both my horses, on the far side of the field, it looked out onto a beech. To either side of it were other fields which were empty. 
The forth side had a road and street on it. 

As I walked towards the horses I noticed people setting up tents and caravans in the field to my right. Annoyingly, they walked across my field to get to theirs. I decided that as the horses didn't seemed bothered by this, I wouldn't make a fuss. 

I left the field to the street and saw a man on a stall, he was selling boxes of Toffifee, those delicious toffee chocolate confectionery. I immediately thought about stealing some and engaged him in conversation in order to distract him. 

The guy on the stall kept calling me Steven for some reason, and when I looked down at my shirt, I had a name badge on with Steven printed on it. I removed it and put it in my pocket. 

I walked away and stood at the top of a car park that looked down towards a road and the beach waiting for the guy to leave the stall unattended. 

As I waited a car pulled up and honked it's horn, a door to a house on the other side of the car park opened and Danger from work ran out in a blind panic. 

He was carrying a huge wreath of flowers and ran towards the car shouting, "Criag wait for me, don't leave without me!"
The guy in the car drove into the car park and Danger must of thought he was leaving as he had a complete meltdown and started crying. 

The guy in the car, Criag I'm assuming, shouted out, "You'd be late for your own funeral ". A very tearful Danger got in the passenger seat and they left. 

I looked over at the stall to see if I was able to get some Toffifee and it had gone! 


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