Monday, 20 July 2015

Time hop

I started off by standing in a street watching a peaceful protest of some kind. I had taken a photograph of the protesters and was looking at it. 

I was joined by a work supervisor called Mike and he was telling me a story about when he had been at work and a boss had pushed him out of the way. The story was very boring. 

As I looked at the photo again, I saw that one of the protesters was wearing a balaclava, had full military uniform on and was holding an automatic rifle. 

I tried to point this out to Mike but he kept telling his story. He even started to reenact the movements. I kept trying to interject but he wouldn't shut up. 

I was next in a totally deserted hospital, it was very eerie and I wandered long empty corridors in silence. 

I turned a corner and suddenly the lights all came on, the room filled with people out of thin air and the hospital was full. 

A nurse welcomed me and ushered me into a waiting room. I asked where I was going and she said I was there for my appointment. I told her it was the following day and she informed me it was the next day. 

Somehow in the flash from the deserted hospital, to being full again, I had jumped forward in time by 24 hours. 

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