Sunday, 12 July 2015

Rubbish robbers

I was in a hospital with Faz from work, we both appeared to be employed there but it was unclear what we were doing. We just seemed to stand around chatting and then Faz said, "Let's go home early". I was in full agreement with this and we parted at the exit to the hospital. 

I walked along the old iron bridge over the railway line that I used every day back in my school days. As I strolled over reading the graffiti I noticed two women up ahead of me, they were huddled together with hoods up over their heads with their backs to me. 

As I approached them, they turned to face me and demanded money. I laughed out loud at them not taking them seriously. One of them pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot me, again I laughed. She pulled the trigger and I was hit by a peice of potatoe. I pushed past the woman heartily laughing as I walked away. 

I was next standing at the entrance to a paddock that contained my horse, he was tethered and standing happy and content. Three men approached me and my horse spooked and ran the length of the paddock. Instead of his lead rope breaking, it just stretched until it was about 100 feet long. 

I turned to the male nearest to me and said, "You are upsetting my horse". With that I plunged a kitchen knife into his chest and he dropped dead at my feet. The second male attempted to pull out a gun but before he could I had put a single bullet into his forehead, instantly killing him. 

The third male thinking he was about to die started crying. I said to him, "Run away, give me a little sport". I watched as he frantically ran into a nearby brick building, I smiled knowing there was no way out and that he would soon be dead. 

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